The Codes of Conduct ("Codes" or "COC") define as:

The terms and conditions of this relationship are set forth in:

The Objectives are:

The contents of these documents are changed from time to time. Ultra Green Company/UGC will notify the UGCIR leaders of such changes.



Ultra Green Company: "Ultra Green Conglomerate Corp." also known as and operating under the trade name Ultra Green Company/UGC

UGC Reseller Starter/Business Kit: Sales aid and other materials that UGCIRs are required to possess in connection with acceptance by Ultra Green Company/UGC of their application and the UGCIR Contract.

UGC Business: The products, marketing, and compensation system offered by Ultra Green Company/UGC.

UGC Business Policies: The set of basic principles and associated guideline, formulated and enforced by Ultra Green Company/UGC, to direct and limit its actions in pursuit of long-term goals.

UGC Products: All goods and services made available by Ultra Green Company/UGC.

UGCIR: Ultra Green Company/UGC Independent Reseller, a promoter whose UGC Reseller Application Form/UGCIR Contract has been accepted by Ultra Green Company/UGC.
Commissions/Incentives/Rewards: The amount of money that an Ultra Green Company/UGC Independent Reseller receives based on the level of sales he or she has obtained.

Reseller/Affiliate: A Reseller or Affiliate is another way to describe an Ultra Green Company/UGC business, which is identified by a UGCIR number.

Client: A potential Ultra Green Company/UGC Independent Reseller or customer

Retail Price: The mandated price charged to the customer, higher than the UGCIR price.
Sponsor: A UGCIR who introduces and sponsors a Client into the Ultra Green Company/UGC Business.



3.1 UGC Reseller Starter Kit: An applicant must buy a corresponding number of products, sign the application form so as to be encoded.

3.2 Requirements:

 3.3 Acceptance or Rejection of UGCIR Application/UGCIR Contract or Renewal: Ultra Green Company/UGC reserves the right to accept or reject UGCIR Application/ UGCIR Contract. Likewise, Ultra Green Company/UGC reserve the right to refuse any Renewal request and can revoke the Membership if a UGCIR's activities have not been in accordance with the Codes of Conduct or if the UGCIR is not in Good Standing or has not complied with the requirements of Rule 3.2

3.4 Date of Membership: The date of membership as an UGCIR is when the UGCIR Application/UGCIR Contract has been processed by Ultra Green Company/UGC.



4.1 Acknowledge by Ultra Green Company/UGC Business Polices/Revision/Duty of Good Faith: UGCIRs must adhere strictly to the guidelines, procedures and policies stated in the Ultra Green Company/UGC Business Policies of which these Codes of Conduct are a part.

4.2 Retail Stores: No UGCIR shall permit UGC products or services to be sold in retail establishments that would sell products and services below the UGCIR member's price to the public.
4.3 Retail Price: No UGCIR shall sell/retail below the mandated retail price. Violation of this rule shall be subject to sanctions as stated in Section 10 of this Code of Conduct.
4.4 True and Exact: No UGCIR shall make any offer to sell any UGC products or services which are not true and exact as to price, grade, quality, performance, and availability.
4.5 Repackaging: UGCIRs may not repackage products, change the content of products or otherwise change or alter any of the packaging labels of Ultra Green Company/UGC products or services.

4.6 Compliance with Applicable Rules and Regulations: UGCIRs shall comply with all rules and regulations, including but not limited to, memorandum instructions, policies and procedures, terms, that apply to the operation of their Membership wherever their business may be conducted.

4.7 Professionalism: All UGCIR must be courteous, honest and responsible when dealing with individuals or other companies in the business environment.

4.8 Franchises and Territories: No UGCIR shall represent to anyone that there are exclusive franchises or territories available under the Ultra Green Company/UGC Sales and Marketing Plan.

4.9 Interference in another UGCIR's Membership; Encouragement: It is a breach of the Codes of Conduct or the Ultra Green Company/UGC Business Policies for an UGCIR to interfere or attempt to interfere with another UGCIR's Membership.

4.10 Retail Effort Rule: Ultra Green Company/UGC pays commission under the Ultra Green Company/UGC Sales and Marketing Plan based on sales to end consumers.

4.11 Unsolicited E-mail Messages: No UGCIR shall send, transmit, or otherwise communicate any unsolicited electronic mail messages in whatever format to persons with whom the UGCIR does not have a pre-existing personal or business relationship. (This includes, but is not limited to, sending e-mails, postings in newsgroups, mass SMS messages (Short Messaging System) purchased mailing lists, "safe lists", or other lists of individuals or entities with which the UGCIR does not have a relationship.)

4.12 Fundraising: No UGCIR shall use UGC products in conjunction with any type of fundraising activity.

4.13 Ultra Green Company/UGC Sales and Marketing Plan Manipulation:   No UGCIR shall manipulate the Ultra Green Company/UGC Sales and Marketing Plan or rewards volume in any way which results in the payment of commission or other awards and recognition that have not been earned in accordance with the terms of the Ultra Green Company/UGC Sales and Marketing Plan.

4.14 Personal/Business Information Update:   All UGCIRs are responsible for communicating any updates or changes to their personal information (e.g., name, address, and telephone numbers, etc.) or business information (e.g., change of business status, etc.) to Ultra Green Company/UGC.

4.15 Proprietary Information: Ultra Green Company/UGC is the exclusive owner of all Proprietary Information, which is derived and maintained by Ultra Green Company/UGC. All UGCIRs shall maintain Proprietary Information in strictest confidence, and shall take all reasonable steps and appropriate measures to safeguard Proprietary Information and maintain the confidentiality.

4.16 Presentation Rules: The content of the presentations which include or support the promotion of the retailing of Ultra Green Company products and services, or the Ultra Green Company/UGC Sales and Marketing Plan. UGCIRs shall not exaggerate income representations by relating it to or incorporating it with other income and suggesting that it is the result of building the Ultra Green Company/UGC business.



5.1 Responsibilities and Obligations of Sponsors: An UGCIR who engages in sponsoring activity or who sponsors an UGCIR shall:



6.1 Preservation of the Line of Sponsorship: The sale of an ownership interest in a Membership, transferring a Membership, requires prior approval by Ultra Green Company/UGC. This approval shall be at Ultra Green Company/UGC' sole discretion.

6.2 Six Months Inactivity: An UGCIR who wishes to terminate (by resignation or failure to extend) his or her Distributorship under his or her present Sponsor and who thereafter becomes inactive for a period of six or more consecutive months shall cease to be an authorized UGCIR and may, following the lapse of said inactive period, apply as new UGCIR under a new Sponsor

6.3 Two Year Inactivity: An UGCIR who transfers to or who following six or more months of inactivity applies for sponsorship under a Sponsor in a different Line of Sponsorship pursuant to the provisions of this Rule, may not be sponsored by UGCIR who was previously above him/her in the original Line of Sponsorship unless at least two years have elapsed since the termination of his or her Distributorship.

 6.4. Corrective Action: If any provisions to this Rule are violated, Ultra Green Company/UGC may take corrective action, which may include, but is not limited to, the termination of the violating UGCIR's Membership, and transfer of his or her former personally sponsored and down line of those sponsored and/or the Business Volume generated during the period of violation to the appropriate Line of Sponsorship.



7.1 Must not Give Misinterpretation: Always give good impression when inviting a prospect to hear a presentation of the Ultra Green Company/UGC Sales and Marketing Plan, an UGCIR shall neither directly or indirectly:

 7.2 First Contract with Prospects: It is a breach of the Code of Conduct or the Ultra Green Company/UGC Business Policies for an UGCIR to mislead or fail to inform a Prospect the nature of the UGCIR activities and, therefore, at the first contract with Prospects, an UGCIR must:

 7.3 Sponsorship Ethics: In seeking participation of a prospect in the Sales and Ultra Green Company/UGC Marketing Plan, the sponsoring UGCIR must:

7.4 No Exclusive Territories: No UGCIR shall represent that there are exclusive territories available. It is a breach of the terms of UGCIR Contract to make such a representation.



            Ultra Green Company/UGC values your help in spreading the word about sustainability reporting by referencing Ultra Green Company/UGC and Ultra Green Company/UGC Materials. Ultra Green Company/UGC's Trademark and Copyright Policy ensures neutrality and consistency in all communications about Ultra Green Company/UGC.

Ultra Green Conglomerate trademarks and copyrighted materials including Ultra Green Company Logo can be used after obtaining prior written permission from Ultra Green Conglomerate.

                  This rule has been developed to maintain the integrity of Ultra Green Conglomerate's intellectual property and to ensure that the Ultra Green Company/UGC brand will be available exclusively for the Ultra Green Company/UGC Business.



Death and Inheritance: Upon the death of an UGCIR, the UGCIR's interest in the Membership may be passed on to a relative or other designated person, subject to the laws on succession and Ultra Green Company/UGC's acceptance of the assignment of the Membership pursuant to Rule 3. Therefore, the original UGCIR must make proper arrangements during their lifetime for the orderly and legal transfers of ownership of their Membership to their heirs. This is to ensure that down line UGCIRs will continue to receive proper service, training and motivation.



Sanctions: In the event that Ultra Green Company/UGC at it sole discretion determines that there has been a breach of the Code of Conduct or the Ultra Green Company/UGC Business Policies by an UGCIR, Ultra Green Company/UGC may take one or more of the following actions:

No Waiver: The failure of Ultra Green Company/UGC to take any action upon learning of a breach or potential breach shall not constitute a waiver of Ultra Green Company/UGC's rights to assert such a breach in the future.

Suspension: Ultra Green Company/UGC reserves the right to determine the specific terms of each Suspension on a case to case basis. In the event of any breach of contract by an UGCIR, Ultra Green Company/UGC may take action to suspend some or all of the UGCIR's privileges under the Membership, including but not limited to:

 Actions of Termination: Upon termination for any cause whatsoever, the UGCIR shall:              



Abandonment: When a Member is giving up or renunciation of his interest, claim, appeal, privilege, possession, or right, Ultra Green Company/UGC may assign or Dissolve Membership.

No Limitation on Ultra Green Company/UGC: Ultra Green Company/UGC, however, is in no way limited to any of the above methods of disposition of an Ultra Green Company/UGC business and may exercise complete discretion as to methods and/or timing of disposition.